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Tryout Procces

Tryouts are around the corner and tryouts come with a lot of questions and concerns for players and parents. If you are an athlete and parent planning on attending tryouts there has to be so many questions but where do you start? 

Let us assist you with some questions

How do we choose a club?
  • What are your choices?

  • Identify your age division

  • Where are the clubs located?

  • How far are you willing to travel?

These questions can be answered by visiting the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) website or finding your local clubs within your region. Most clubs should post gym locations for training. Travel in the GTA can be difficult so make sure you understand 6pm starts can be put you into the busiest time of traffic.


Do your research
  • Visit the club websites, contact the club director, and talk with other parents past and present.

  • What is it going to cost me? Club volleyball can be very expensive.

    • What are the club fees and add-on fees: Find out what is included in your fees and their payment schedules. What is the additional cost?

    • Do Fees include uniforms, balls, equipment, warm-ups, tournaments, out-of-town tournaments, Provincials, Nationals, Coach's travel expenses, salaries or honorarium, etc.?

  • Practice Schedules and Commitments? How do you manage multi-sport athletes

  • Practice locations and times: (see GTA Traffic comment above)

  • Tournament commitments, how many, and where are they located? Will there be any outside-the-province tournaments?

  • Coaching Staff: Who are the coaches? What is their experience?

    • Are they registered with NCCP?

    • What level is the coach?

    • Did they complete Safe Sport - link

    • Did they complete a police background check?

    • Will there be any conflict with coaching the team, what does the coach do full-time (work, train, etc.)? Is the coach part of a program that may take them away from training your athlete (current athletes with University, Provincial or National programs)

    • Does the coach put together a Sport Canada practice plan that follows the Long Term Development - link

  • Club Philosophy: This is always a challenging question - does the club follow their own philosophy? Do they promote themselves as “elite” or “High Performance,” but are they really? Clubs love to win and promote themselves on social media as “High Performance,” but how are they valuing the athlete? How do they value players on the back end (bottom 6)?


Common Myths
  • Bigger is better

  • More expensive is better

  • A paid coach is better than a volunteer coach

  • If I play club, I will get a scholarship


Questions to discuss as a family
  • What do I want out of my club experience: enjoy the game with friends and/or train to have an opportunity to play in college?

  • How much time do I have to dedicate to club volleyball: will it interfere with a part-time job, with school, with other club sports or time with friends?

  • How much can we afford: dues, travel, family travel?

  • How important is it that I am on the same team as my friend(s)?


Athlete Tryout Day
  • Know before going into a tryout where that club fits into your choice list.

  • Arrive early, properly attired. If a tryout shirt is not provided, wear something noticeable to stand out.

  • Check yourself in (do not let your mom or dad do it for you)

  • Speak for yourself

  • Follow directions

  • Hustle at all times: from station to station, shagging balls, huddle-up.

  • Have fun – smile, be loud, and encourage your teammates takes no athletic ability to hustle, work hard and have a great attitude!


Parents Tryout Day
  • Understand the rules of the OVA Tryout Policy (found here)


OVA Tryout Policy

September 10th to February 1st –Tryouts Process Begins (48-hour Offer)

  • Clubs CANNOT present any Offers to athletes who attend tryouts until the specified time period for each Age Division or Grouping*

  • OVA Indoor Return to Play protocols and all government regulations must be adhered to for court tryouts.

  • Offers can ONLY be sent out via email at the times indicated below. All offers must be honoured for 48 hours or until the date and time indicated on the offer form, whichever is longer.

  • All Offers must be presented on the OVA Offer Form with the following information: Club Name, Head Coach, Team Name, Age Division or Grouping* and expected base club fee.

  • Offer Periods for each Age Division or Age Grouping* will start on designated days and continue after those days.

    • September 19th, 2022 – 18U offers can be emailed

    • September 20th, 2022 – 17U offers can be emailed

    • September 21st, 2022 – 16U offers can be emailed

    • September 22nd, 2022 – 15U offers can be emailed

    • September 23rd, 2022 – Early Contact Initiative Division Age Groupings* (4v4 to Traditional Non-Specialized) offers can be emailed to Athletes

Clubs are permitted to hold additional tryouts to fill any open spots on their rosters after these offer dates.

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